My company was established on November 1989.

Is a continuation of the company founded by my father Argyrios Kollaros in 1967, who gave much at the marble industry, and especially at the modernization of marble laboratories and at the field of diamond tool as well.

I am specialized mainly in processing and treatment of marble, granite, stone etc.

In my store you will find everything related to these fields, like art tools, traditional carving tools, power tools, diamond tools, machines, discs wet and dry diamond cutting tools, air tools etc.

Also I manufacture sculpture's pointing machine (pantograph) which are used for copying busts, ancient findings and various items.

I work with the leading Greek and international companies, with guaranteed products, such as BOSCH, FLEX, DIAMACO, EXTRA DIAMOND, TOROS, ATLAS CORCO, CUTURI, GIORGI, LARIO, NPK (where I am the exclusive agent of root tools), etc.

I supply with my product several archaeological sites and museums (Acropolis, Asklipio Epidaurus, temple of Epikouriou Apollona in Andritsaina, columns Zeus, Lindos Rhodes, Crete, Nemea, National Archeological Museum, Museum of Vergina, Museum of Salamina) and the most of classical and prehistoric antiquities.

In addition, I am in full cooperation and supply my products to the School of Fine Arts, the School of Fine Arts at Panormos Tinos, many art schools and many sculptors of Tinos.

For students of all schools there are special prices and sales at my products.

Famous sculptures such as k.k. TH. & S. Filippotis, John Maniatakos, Michael Kassis are clients of my products


And other younger great sculptures.

I supply with my products industries and factories of marble processing and marble laboratories in Greece and abroad.

My company is constantly updated on developments and products of new technologies, in order to offer its clients the best.

Don’t hesitate to contact me, it will be my pleasure to help you and inform you about everything you ask me.